Do you like Tarot due to its aura of enigma, for its heavy history, or due to its enchanting qualities? If you think Tarot card is special because of among those factors after that you are not going like what I need to claim in this article.

I’m going to be taking a look at real history of Tarot, and my study on this has brought me to final thoughts which are different to what most of you will have checked out online, and they are maybe various to what you want to believe are the truths behind Tarot card

I have actually taken pleasure in utilizing Tarot cards for over 25 years, and also I enjoy Tarot card symbology as well as Tarot card divination, yet I do not like it when unenlightened individuals produce a make believe romantic/mystical history for these cards.

I have actually assembled the top pieces of details that I feel Tarot readers ought to know about Tarot card’s origins. This data has been gleaned from art chroniclers, card collection agencies, as well as my very own research in galleries and collections.

Number 1

For those of you that such as the suggestion that Tarot is an enchanting or magical device that has actually been passed on from Egyptian times, or even from the times of Atlantis– I’m sorry, yet there is definitely no evidence of this. Not only is there no evidence, yet when you consider the earliest recognized Tarot card cards and consider exactly how they originated, there isn’t even any type of remote possibility of a link with Egypt or the mythological Atlantis. I hear you claiming, “But I have actually seen cards that have Egyptian layouts or signs on them!” And also you might have, however these are later additions to Tarot’s artwork, and the pictures that Tarot card is based upon do not have any Egyptian styles or icons on them.

The earliest surviving Tarot cards are hand painted decks that were made in Italy, around the year 1441. They were produced the court of Filippo Maria Visconti, the Duke of Milan (from 1412 to 1447) and also these cards are referred to as the Visconti-Sforza Tarocchi. This name was offered to them since that was the name of the households for whom these cards were produced. We know this due to the fact that the heraldry of these family members was consisted of on the cards themselves. Representations of family members are also utilized in the cards.

Number 2

It’s been stated that today’s ordinary having fun cards derive from Tarot card cards, with the Joker being a rep of the Fool card from the Major Arcana. Sorry, yet regular having fun cards created much earlier and also first entered Europe from the Islamic world around 1375.

Number 3

The suits of the Tarot card as we understand them are fairly different to the initial ones. The suits of Tarot card are derived from Islamic playing cards which were Coins, Mugs, Swords and Polo Sticks. The video game of polo was very essential in the Islamic society, but was not known in Europe when the cards arrived, so the match of Polo sticks ultimately came to be known as the fit of Staves or Batons. In Italy and Spain, playing cards have actually retained the fits of Batons, Coins, Cups, as well as Swords.

Number 4

The Tarot card suits as we understand them advanced from those Islamic playing cards, and also numerous occultists over the years changed the initial suits to make the Tarot appear more magickal or strange. The Sticks/Batons/Staves were changed to Wands, and also the match of Coins was transformed to Pentacles.

Number 5 of the 10 things you didn’t wish to know about Tarot.

For several years there has actually been a theory that the Gypsies had brought Tarot card to Europe, and this idea has sadly become an approved “reality” in the tale of Tarot. However, we understand that the Gypsies arrived in Western Europe in 1417, yet playing cards were known in Catalonia, a region in North Eastern Spain, by 1370, so cards arrived 47 years before the Gypsies. As well as in historical documents, Gypsies are referred to just as palm readers, there is no reference of them using cards for fortune telling until 1891. As well as even then the cards they describe are conventional playing cards, not Tarot cards.

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