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Due to the current scenario, many commemorative dates and events had to be rearranged. In a world where the artists’ shows were held in soccer stadiums or famous nightclubs, now they happen at home, through lives. Weddings were postponed and baby teas remodeled. Well, things have changed too much.

Our little ones were also affected, having to study at home and without seeing their friends. Birthdays that would be celebrated in children’s buffets were also affected and so the birthday party at home online is the best option.

Birthdays are very special!

Many adults consider the birthday as the most special date of the year. With the little ones it would be no different. They receive presents, cake, sweets and everything that is delicious. Even if it is celebrated differently, no matter where in the world, this date is always special.

Unfortunately, with the scenario we live, it had to be modified. But it’s still important. We’ve separated some tips so that we, parents, can make this moment unique for our little ones.

1. Technology helps a lot in these hours!

Since your little one won’t be able to invite his or her friends and family to come to your house, prepare an online videoconference. There are many digital platforms that can serve as space for the event. I see what’s best for you.

2. Make a very cool invitation…

What is your little one’s favorite character? What is your favorite drawing? With this information you can set up a very cool invitation using editing programs. You can search the internet for references to serve as an example.

3. Selecting the decoration.

The decoration can not be missing, that is a fact. There are many decoration stores that are delivering the items at home. You can order them. But do not forget, after they arrive, it is necessary to sanitize them properly before using them. If you want to decorate yourself, there are many options of online templates, such as specials, with hats and birthday flags.

4. And the food?

It’s a part that brings a lot of happiness in the day of the little ones. The cake, the candles, the snacks and the sweets. Many food delivery platforms are working and delivering these and other delicacies at home. So, look for a place that you like your city and order! Also, you can use some decoration templates you find online to decorate these items: cake tops, cupcake tops and cupcake baking tin.

5. Prepare the games!

In every children’s party, there is no shortage of fun. Prepare together with your little games that he would like to have in his party. For example, if he and his friends like to play online games together, leave the environment prepared for it. If your little one likes to hear stories, prepare a moment of the party so that there is a tell. It’s cool to set up a program with things to do, but also, let the kids feel comfortable if they are enjoying what they are doing at the moment.

6. Everything ready? Let’s go!

The decoration, the food, the games and the online event space are already selected? Then it’s ready! Calm your heart and be sure that your little one will have a lot of fun with his friends.