Children’s Birthday

Sure you want your little one to have a perfect birthday, to love him or her and all their friends, but you would also like to surprise the older ones so that they are more than happy with the party. We will give you ideas to decorate a children’s birthday with details very easy to do and that do not leave anyone indifferent, as well as help you choose the most fun birthday songs or birthday gifts for children who are more successful among the smallest of the house, but also like adults to be educational and very cool.

Here are the ideas for celebrating a children’s birthday, with which you can create a thread for the party that will be a very cool plus in the final result. Keep reading to organize the perfect party for your little one!

Choose a theme for the perfect children’s birthday party

Opting for a themed birthday party will help you create the rest of the details of the event and is always the best option for the little ones to have a great time. If your child is a big fan of pirate motifs, choose them as the main theme and organize the rest of the ideas we give you, such as cool proposals to decorate a children’s birthday or birthday songs, around this theme.

Other themes that tend to delight the little ones are the fantasy of unicorns and rainbows or those parties inspired by nature where animals and trees and plants are the protagonists of the event (after your child, of course).

The invitations

They are perfect for creating excitement before the party and advancing what the guests who want to share this special day with your child will find. If you already have a theme chosen, make them inspired by it. For example, if unicorns are going to be the main theme, draw a big one on the cover, or if it’s nature, you can glue leaves on the envelope. You don’t have to scratch your pocket to surprise and delight with birthday invitations!

And don’t forget to indicate the time and place of the party, as well as any specific requirements. If your chosen theme is a pirate birthday, for example, all the pirates who attend will have to arrive at the birthday with a patch covering one of their eyes as a slogan to get in. It’s a good idea that usually motivates the little ones in the house a lot!

Cool ideas for decorating a children’s birthday

Decorating a children’s birthday is one of the most important things to get your little one and his or her guests fully into the world of fantasy and fun that you have created. So, in addition to the specific decorations according to the theme you have chosen, such as tropical flowers and leaves if the theme is nature or making a rainbow on the front door frame if the theme is fantasy and unicorns, there are a number of very easy to make and adaptable to all kinds of themes that will fill your party with color and are a very good idea to decorate a children’s birthday.

The small triangular-shaped flags cut out and placed on a string, on the main table for example, are always a sure hit. In addition, you can combine the colors on them so that they are in harmony with the theme of the party and the rest of the elements.

The balloons are also a classic to decorate a children’s birthday that makes the little ones fall in love, so do not hesitate to fill the party with pink or silver balloons, according to your tastes and those of your child. And if your thing is crafts, go ahead and make a small photocall according to the theme of the party to have a good memory, very funny, and put the perfect cherry on your chosen motifs to decorate a children’s birthday.

Birthday songs that delight the little ones in the house

A very important part in any children’s birthday party is the music you choose to liven up the evening and with which you will get (or not) everyone to dance and have fun. So, we have carried out an exhaustive investigation with the youngest of the house, and here we leave you with a small list of birthday songs that will drive all the guests crazy:

  • Mickey Mouse’s House
  • “Happy non-birthday” from Alice in Wonderland
  • The Dairy Cow
  • The Turulent Hen
  • Hakuna Matata
  • The Popurri of the hands

Prepare the ideal snack for children

Choose food that feeds, but give it a cool touch to attract the attention of the little ones in the house and to become another way to decorate a child’s birthday. Our next proposal is the candy table, so with it and the cake you will already have enough sugar, so during the snack opt for mini-snacks varied or cut fruit with fun shapes. For example you can make watermelon stars or worms with banana slices and chocolate shavings.

The candy table

Yes, we know that little ones don’t have to abuse the candy, but a birthday party is always a good excuse to turn a blind eye and let your little one enjoy some of these delicious and fun candies. Also, don’t forget that now you can choose low-sugar or gluten-free sweets, so you can choose them much healthier.

No doubt this is one of the best birthday gifts for children that you can give to your child and all his friends, so be careful and choose colors of sweets that are consistent with the theme of the party. As a suggestion, you can make skewers of sweets in the shape of fruit or fill glass jars with colorful clouds, it always looks great!

The cake that your child will never forget

Without a doubt, one of the best gifts for children that you can give your little one on the day of her birthday is a good cake to blow out the candles on and that she can then enjoy with all her friends. Fondant sugar cakes are a delicious option and are also ideal for decorating a children’s birthday.

Ah! Don’t forget to choose one of our birthday songs to play while your little one blows out the candles or when everyone is already eating their slice of cake.