How do you organize a birthday party for children at home? Is your child about to celebrate this special day? Preparing a child’s birthday is much easier than most parents think. The best thing is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

Add to that the excitement your child will have, especially if you involve him/her in all the preparations, so be sure to stress out and enjoy organizing the party hand in hand with the birthday boy! Take note because we give you the best advice to make the event a success.

Organizing a birthday party for children at home, fun and original, is possible. Just follow these simple instructions below. The main thing is that you don’t arrive tired and stressed to the date of the celebration.

It is very important to prepare everything well in advance and find someone to help you. Who better than the protagonist of the event himself? Let yourself be advised by the birthday boy, who knows better than anyone else the tastes of his guests!

Here are the 10 best tips for organizing original birthday parties for children at home.

The child must always be the protagonist

What to remember before starting to organize a birthday party for children at home is that the celebration is for the little one who has a birthday. The goal is to make that day one of the most special of the year. How? By having fun in the company of their best friends.

If he is still young, maybe it is enough to invite some classmates or keep him home and organize a special snack. To find out how to entertain them, you can take a look at our selection of games for children from 2 to 4 years old. Prepare everything in advance. And as an afternoon treat, offer the little ones a chocolate cake (everyone likes it).

Another fundamental guideline is to never forget to ask the child how he or she would like to celebrate their birthday. Maybe he will surprise you and only want to invite two friends of his soul to sleep at home.

If, on the other hand, your wish is a birthday party for children in a large house, it is not always necessary to hire a children’s party animator. Celebrating a birthday without entertainers is possible without having to spend a fortune. Decide with the child what games they will play, the type of cake, the music… Organizing the party can be a fun way to enjoy some time together.

Choose the right day for your child’s birthday party at home

Is your child already going to school? Is he or she still in daycare? Even if his birthday falls on a Thursday, it may not be the best idea to celebrate it during the week. Not only the birthday boy, but also the guests will be exhausted. After a day at school or a day at the nursery, they may not have enough energy and be more difficult to control to organize games and activities for children.

What about the weekend? Saturdays are usually ideal for birthday parties for children at home. Everyone will be more rested, even the parents! Also, there are no classes the next day. It is important that you remember to warn your guests in advance to avoid other commitments. Ask them to confirm their attendance at the event.

Think of a theme for your birthday party

Kids love to dress up, so how about not waiting for carnival or Halloween? You can let your imagination run wild or choose a theme: Indians? Cowboys? Animals?

Don’t forget that in addition to the costumes, when you choose to have a themed party for children, all the decoration should follow the same line.

Prepare the necessary materials for a children’s birthday party at home

Don’t forget to make a list of everything you need! It’s an essential step when organizing a children’s birthday party. It will help you not only not to forget anything, but also to take a lot of stress away from you. There is no better improvisation than the one that doesn’t exist! That’s why you should buy all the materials in advance. Take a pencil and paper so that you don’t miss any details:

  • Adhesive tape and thread to stick decorations and balloons.
  • Shovel to serve the cake and a knife to cut it.
  • Bowls of various sizes to serve chips and popcorn.
  • Tablecloth (in paper, plastic or even a cloth tablecloth you have at home).
  • Kitchen paper rolls (for drinks that will inevitably spill on the floor).
  • Plastic cups. Tip: mark the children’s names with an indelible marker on the glasses. This way you will avoid running out of glasses, they will know that they can keep the same one for the whole party.
  • Disposable plates. You can find them in supermarkets and department stores, in paper or plastic.
  • Colored napkins (if you find the whole set to match – tablecloth, napkins and bowls – it can be a fantastic option. Ask the child which is his or her favorite cartoon or superhero). It’s easy to find themed sets to decorate tables in supermarkets. Also, the price is usually affordable.
  • Garbage bags to throw plates, glasses, plastics, napkins… at the end of the party.

Choose where you will hold the children’s birthday party at home, yours?

Deciding where to hold the party is fundamental to organizing a birthday party for children at home. Do you live in a residential area with a garden? In a first floor with a patio? In an apartment with a large terrace? Or do you have a public park right next to your door?

If your birthday is in the summer, celebrating it outdoors is a great option. Go out to the garden if you have a space in the urbanization or if you have a patio. You can read our selection of outdoor playgrounds for parties. You’ll find lots of ideas – the kids will have a great time!

If, on the other hand, you don’t have any open space at home or the weather doesn’t suit, you can always celebrate indoors. When the children are small, it’s easy for everything to go well if there aren’t many guests (between 6 and 8).

When it comes to older children, who do not need the presence of their parents, a birthday party at home is one of the most economical solutions. Also, if your house is too small, you can ask your grandparents, uncles or friends, if they will let you have theirs. They will only agree if you promise to clean and leave the floor in perfect condition.