Children’s birthday parties at home are a good option since it is the most obvious place to celebrate original birthdays. To organize them we need to buy the snack and acquire the necessary materials for the children to do some activities.

If you click here you will find other details that you cannot miss to celebrate original birthdays, such as invitations or piñata.

In any children’s birthday party at home we can prepare tortillas, sandwiches and snacks to make everything comfortable for the children. Before buying the ingredients, it is preferable that we ask the parents if they are allergic or intolerant to any food. This way we will make sure that the birthday is perfect.

If we want the children to have a great time, we can organize activities and games for children’s birthdays, which will depend on the age of each child. It is not the same to celebrate a 4 year old birthday as it is to celebrate a birthday at 10 years old. Although at these ages they are still children, they will have very different hobbies and interests.

In general, children will enjoy celebrating original birthdays that awaken their senses. Games with songs, for example, will be a lot of fun on 5 or 6 year olds’ birthdays. Here are some of them:

  • The musical statue. It consists of putting on music and having the children dance. When we stop the song, the children must remain completely still. If any of them moves, they will be eliminated. This game is very fun because some try to stay still in difficult positions and lose their balance right away.
  • In and out. We will place a carpet on the floor, so that when we say “inside” everyone must step on the carpet, but when we shout “outside” everyone must leave the carpet free. We can alternate these two words, faster and faster, so many people will get confused and will have to follow the directions.
  • Games in a circle. These are some of the most classic birthday games and activities that exist, but including them ensures an original and fun birthday celebration. “The potato run”, “The slipper from behind”, “The blind man’s hen” or “The patio of my house”, are some traditional games that will delight the little ones.

Also, for a birthday party of this kind, it will be great to paint their faces as if they were a superhero or an animal.

The birthdays for children from 7 years old, can be very varied. To make them have a great time, we will organize different activities for a birthday, like these:

  • We can hide clues around the house, the garden, the terrace… They will have to pass tests and go forward until they reach the end of the course, where the prize will be waiting for them, which can be a bag with sweets.
  • Sack races. They can do them separately and with relays or two children can go in each bag. The options are multiple.
  • The cooperative chair. It is similar to the classic game of chairs, but nobody is eliminated. We put the chairs in a circle and when the music stops the children have to sit down. As the game progresses, chairs are removed, and the little ones will have to share them so that no one stops playing. They will have a great time sitting on top of each other.

Restaurants to celebrate original birthdays

Every day there are more options to celebrate an original children’s birthday, although you have certainly chosen this option more than once. A bar or restaurant is a good place to celebrate original birthdays. Depending on the place we choose it will offer us some services or others.

If we are going to go with more than 5 children, we usually book in advance to make sure we have space and to set a budget. Many restaurants offer special prices for birthday celebrations. Some offer us a snack for each child and include cake, ball park and children’s birthday entertainment among their services.

Original ball parks to celebrate birthdays

Another place to celebrate a fun birthday is a ball park. Children love to jump between mats, slides and colored balls. They will spend the whole afternoon entertaining themselves and then they won’t want to go home.

These spaces usually limit the age of the children who can access them. Usually it is not a problem if they are between 3 and 12 years old. Therefore, this is a place for original birthday celebrations for children of different ages.

It is important to remember that the capacity of children entering these parks is limited. That’s why you have to book in advance. On the other hand, many establishments include the cake in the price.

Original Birthday in the cinema

Another original idea for children’s birthdays that we propose is to take children to the movies with all their friends. The offers usually include the entrance and a menu with drinks and popcorn, although some cinemas also give away some sweets and other details.

This is one of the most unusual options for children’s birthdays. If we think about choosing it for this year, the best thing is that we speak before with some person in charge of the cinema so that it indicates us the price, what it includes or if it is necessary to take to a minimum number of children. On the other hand, many cinemas set a maximum age for the assistants, which is usually between 12 and 14 years old. Of course, the group must be accompanied by an adult who will watch the film with them.