Making the piñata look like a dream come true so that the child is happy is the purpose of parents celebrating their child’s birthday. However, there are a number of aspects to keep in mind when organizing it, so that everything goes smoothly.

Talk to your child.

Under no circumstances should you forget that he is the center of the party. So your child’s tastes, not yours, should take precedence.

In this sense, don’t forget that the objective of the party is to provide a moment of happiness for the children and, to do so, it must cover their needs according to their age; that is to say, ?until two years old, children like to be spectators; then, they enjoy puppet shows, magic, clowns, music, etc., but as they grow up, they want to be protagonists; that’s why they prefer to do activities that demand movement and in which they can stand out.


Do not think that because it is a children’s party you can improvise and leave everything to the last minute, because it is necessary that the reservations of places, the hiring of services and purchases are made sometimes with, at least, two months in advance.


Before hiring any service and buying any decoration object, establish a budget and, if possible, try not to leave it, because they will always offer you additional options that could significantly increase the initial value you wanted to invest.

Guest list.

Take enough time to sit down with your child and ask who you want to accompany you that day; then, include the other family members who will attend: aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, etc. Be sure to specify on the list how many children and how many adults will be invited and consider having people attend who you did not count on: siblings and parents of younger children.

Parents should make sure that the number of children attending should be significant and preferably greater than the number of adults, since for the little one celebrating his party it will be very pleasant to share more with children than with adults,” says Marta Arjona, from La Caracola, specialists in children’s parties.

Date and time.

To decide on the right day, consider the following aspects:

Weekend party. Giovanna Martinez, manager of Kids Town, experts in children’s parties, says that Saturday afternoon is the day and time that is most used to carry out children’s party, but in turn, the attendance is complicated. Another option is to hold it on Saturday or Sunday between 9 and 12 noon. At this time it is probable that there is more attendance and it can be more economic, because it is not necessary to give main course.

When planning it, it is necessary to have a calendar to the hand to avoid that it coincides with a weekend in which there is not a festivity,? says Marta Arjona. of La Caracola.

Party during the week. Although it is not very frequent, it is used in case there are not many guests or these have facility to attend, even when their parents are in their work activities.

Party at school. Ceballos maintains that this is one of the most economical parties, since the guests are restricted to the classmates of the room.

The place.

To choose the place, you need to consider the following aspects:

In the open air or in an enclosed place. In the open air, they are a real delight; but, you run the risk of the weather playing tricks on you.

Autonomy. In some cases, the organizing parents prefer a party in which the children have their own space, safe and independent from the sector in which the adults are going to be located or, on the contrary, they opt for a single environment, in which children and adults are together, which implies that the adults will be able to participate in the children’s recreational activities.

Community room. Currently, it is rare that the community room in apartment buildings or residential complexes is used for children’s parties, because those who will have to work most are the children’s parents, who must be aware of a number of details and, therefore, will not be able to exercise their role as hosts with the other guests and, more than anything, will not be able to share fully with their child.

In addition, once the party is over, they must pay for the cleaning of the place. In case you select this option, it is recommended to hire at least one person who can advise on the planning, accompany and help during the event.


This aspect can become a real delight or a headache, depending on how much time in advance you plan.

Unifying decoration through a theme or an animated character is a great option.

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